I am 27, I live in Europe in the most awesome capital city of a small country. I have tons of friends, because socializing is my mature natural talent. I meet new people all the time and make friends easyly. I have a Bachelor degrees, I love to read old classical literature and Philosophy like Nietzsche. I live with the most cutest cat in a little house with garden, a friend is renting to me. I am single and loving it! I am good in bed, i love to fuck! I am a hopeless romantic and I am a power woman. I want a partnership with equal respect and full of passion. But right now. Actually what I am thinking of myself is that I am a looser. There is two aspects of me: i play in a band, i work as a nanny, i meet friends, i do sports, i enjoy culture and art. And: i sit at home all day smoking pot, have no job, have a depth in money, eat a lot of bad food that costs me to have overweight, have little perspective, hate myself, am overwhelmed with my whole life!! And what do I do? I do drugs!

22.4.14 20:32


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