Drug No. 3 Love

I saw this Guy and my first thought was "oh, this boy seems to be no good for himself or anyone around him," And I knew, if Id fall for him i would have to be very aware of that! So we ended up being friends with benefits. Not fuck buddys because we never just met for sex. I love sex, and our sex always was great. But what I really want, what makes me feel comfortable, makes my dopamin flow and get me addicted is: cuddling. All day, watching movies, playing nintendo, eating ice cream, talking, having fun, telling each other stories of ones life. With him.. We do all that. And smoke a lot of weed. He turned out to be a nice boy. He picks me up at the train station every time for example, which i find very sweet. He listens to what I say I like and I dont like, and cares about it. At the same time he can be very rude, an asshole and being totally aware, and kinda proud, of it. I fucking hate this guy and I damn love him just as much! But its like its with all the drugs: just fun, a holiday from life, but not helping anything. We have no commitment and no perspective.

22.4.14 20:52


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