Drug No. 2 Cannabis

I started smoking Weed, like really smoking Weed when I was around 17 with my best friend at that time Joshua, an american DJ, working as a cook. We smoked only pure, without tabbac and went for hikes, hanging out at childrens playgrounds at night, listening to music all the time, watching stupid movies and eating a lot of sweets and stuff. After I graduated and went to the Capitol I smoked only like 1-2 times a month because I didnt had the best connections. After getting the connections and ever since my very own best friend started gardening weed, my usage turned out to be daily. Most of my closer friends smoke weed too. Since about 5 years I smoke Cannabis almost every day, since about 2 years every day! It makes me lazy, it makes me eat a lot of shit, which makes me depressive the next day, I hate it, I fucking hate it! I even smoke before work. I work with children. Every time I am not stoned, i imagine it being nice to smoke s yjoint now, get high, be inspired by it. Then i smoke get high and loose sll motivstion to do anything, get lazy, get paranoid, cancel all my plans and eat cookies and chocolate and everything left in my fridge.

22.4.14 21:18


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